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2010-10-13Nicoise ala Ciliengini Salad-Fresh Mozz & Feta: Fresh Mozzarella Ciliengini, Feta, Red Potatoes, Red Onion, Eggs, Tomato, White Beans, Green Beans, White Tuna, Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Kalamata Olives, Mint, Spinach, Salt, Ground Black Pepper
Nicoise ala Ciliengini Salad-Fresh Mozz & Feta featuring Sorrento® Fresh Mozzarella

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Sorrento® Fresh Mozzarella

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Nicoise ala Ciliengini Salad-Fresh Mozz & Feta

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  • 1 cup Galbani® Fresh Mozzarella Ciliengini
  • 6 oz. Président® Feta
  • 1 lb. Red Potatoes, cubed
  • 1/2 cup Red Onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 Eggs, cut in wedges
  • 1 Tomato, cut in wedges
  • 1 cup White Beans, drained
  • 1 cup Green Beans
  • 1 can White Tuna
  • 1 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 cup Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1 cup Kalamata Olives, pitted
  • 1 tsp Mint, chopped fine
  • 1/2 lb. Spinach, washed and dried
  • Salt, to taste
  • Ground Black Pepper, to taste


Cube potatoes into one inch squares and boil until fork tender. Drain, rinse and refrigerate. In bowl add ciliengini, feta, tuna, green beans, white beans, onions, tomato wedges, eggs, olives, olive oil, vinegar and mint - stir with a fork. Add spinach and potatoes and toss. Plate and serve


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