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2010-10-12Jalape├▒o Fingers with Avocado and Salsa: Avocado, Lemon Juice, Mozzarella, String Cheese Snack, Flour, Eggs, Cornflakes, Vegetable Oil, Salsa
Jalapeño Fingers with Avocado and Salsa featuring Sorrento® Mozzarella

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Sorrento® Mozzarella

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Jalape├▒o Fingers with Avocado and Salsa

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In mixing bowl mash avocado and lemon juice with tines of a fork; refrigerate. Keep flour, eggs, and cornflakes/jalape├▒o cheese mixture in separate bowls. Bread cheese sticks by dipping in flour, then egg, then cornflakes/jalape├▒o cheese mixture. Cheese sticks may be frozen or fried at this point. To fry, use heavy six quart sauce pan and heat vegetable oil to 400┬░. Drop cheese fingers into hot oil one at a time and remove when golden brown (1┬Ż- 2 minutes). Serve cheese fingers with avocado and salsa.


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